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My Story

Alexander Technique helped me learn how to feel better by doing less. 

While in school for acting, I was introduced to this simple but powerful practice which helped me find balance, freedom, and support in countless ways. Like many people, I struggled with back pain for years and sought  external measures for relief. Through AT, I began to learn a more mindful approach to life and everyday activities to reduce stress, focus energy, and build strength by improving overall coordination. ​Because of the profound benefits and long-lasting changes, I decided to become a teacher. Now I find it endlessly rewarding to see students discover improved freedom and balance. 

The actors I work with learn to manage stage fright, more fully embody choices, allow for deep personal connection and find improved vocal resonance.  Artists from all backgrounds seek Alexander Technique as a performance enhancement skill. Also, many students come for lessons to better sense how unconscious habits contribute to chronic pain and learn how to prevent them. Rather than quick-fixing symptoms, AT lessons reveal how to reduce and eliminate the unconscious contraction that leads to back pain, repetitive stress injuries, and strain of misuse. 

I teach privately in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and work with students from around the world online.  I offer practical skills for humans from all walks of life and can customize lessons to meet your needs.  

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Additional Information:

My full Resume can be found here.


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