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Benefits of Practice

An overall reduction of excess tension and improvement to coordination in all daily activities.

Performance Enhancement

  • Stage presence

  • Refinement of skill

  • Personal connection

  • Vocal resonance

  • Breath support

  • Performance anxiety reduction

  • Injury prevention and recovery (dancers, athletes, musicians)

Pain Management

  • Back pain- all types

  • Repetitive Stress Injuries

  • Joint stiffness

  • Recovery from injury

  • Anxiety

Overall Well-Being

  • Posture

  • Breathing

  • Confidence

  • Energy

  • Balance

  • Sleep

  • Circulation​

  • Patience


* Singer's Intensive - MFA Opera students, UT School of Music

"The best thing I learned was to give myself some time during the day... to allow more and to force less."

"All this non-work has made my singing voice stronger yet easier.  Warming up takes half the time it used to"

"I feel less frazzled, more focused, and less pressure when I do Alexander"

"Using AT not only makes us feel better but makes a difference in our sound"

* Introduction to AT - Episcopal Actors Guild, NYC 

"... thank you so much for a wonderful class.  I have a sense of awareness about my body and how to release all that I am holding onto.  And to be gentle!!  I really needed your class and am so grateful!!"  

- K. Lehman Foster

"After many years of Alexander... there was not one moment that I felt like I was hearing something verbatim from a text book, you taught the basics with such energy that it felt like I was greeting old friends but also finding new ways to understand. The online aspect did not take away from the experience, in fact it was empowering to know that I am able to connect with a group and myself in this fashion."

- C. Addicott  

* Introduction to AT for future leaders in STEM - EDsnaps, Bronx NY

"Thank you so much, the workshop was amazing. Personally I learned a lot and thank you for your powerful, “get-to-know” Alexander Techniques... From a neuroscience point of view very interesting.   We talked a bit after the workshop and it was clear that the students were stunned by the effects. Their comments were valuable, totally not what they expected, so this is a fantastic powerful opportunity and eye-opener."

-Dr. Susanne Cappendijk, PhD, MBA

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