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Close-up of student in group class. Profile of a young woman in semi-supine position with her neck supported by instructor, recieving Alexander Technique direction.

Conscious Coordination

Release, Renew, Rebalance, Restore


Photograph of Erin O'Leary

People seek out Alexander Technique for countless reasons. Maybe something feels off or out-of-balance, maybe you're used to working hard and accepting fatigue and strain as inevitable.  We're driven by unconscious patterns and habitual behavior that create excess stress. It is not only possible to unlearn them, but it is liberating. 

You can learn how to bring more balance into everyday activities and discover how this gentle practice can boost your energy and focus.  You will stand taller, breathe easier, and move with more freedom in the here and now. 

The Alexander Technique refines sensory awareness to help identify and reduce our unique patterns that interfere with overall health and wellness. I teach practical skills that many benefit from right away, and with practice can provide long-lasting change to overall coordination, well-being, and presence.


No special equipment or prior experience is required. 

“The language of the body is the key that can unlock the soul.”

- Kontsantin Stanislavski

Abstract Horizon


Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan  
Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

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