What are the Benefits?


Reduction of excess tension and improvement to overall coordination in all daily activities.



Performance Enhancement

Stage presence

Refinement of skill


Vocal resonance & breath support

Performance anxiety reduction

Injury prevention or recovery (dancers, athletes, musicians)



Pain Management

Back pain- all types

Repetitive Stress Injuries

Joint stiffness

Recovery from injury



Overall well-being







... Release down, to go Up




"Thank you so much, the workshop was amazing. Personally I learned a lot and thank you for your powerful, “get-to-know” Alexander Techniques... From a neuroscience point of view very interesting.   We talked a bit after the workshop and it was clear that the students were stunned by the effects. Their comments were valuable, totally not what they expected, so this is a fantastic powerful opportunity and eye-opener."

-Dr. Susanne Cappendijk, PhD, MBA

Feedback from Workshop for future leaders in STEM

Conscious Coordination

The Alexander Technique with Erin O'Leary

Manhattan & Brooklyn, NY

erinoleary.at @ gmail.com



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