Rehearsal Rooms - coming soon

I can't make it, I have rehearsal. Remember those days?

A year ago we couldn't conceive of it, seemed like the most unimaginable idea. Not only did we need to pivot instantly, to online classrooms, but also to rehearsal and performances created together while apart. It seemed inconceivable, many said impossible, and since Alexander teaches how to embrace the unknown - a spirit of 'we're artists, we'll figure it out' emerged, and we did. And we are continuing to evolve and across the globe performers are making art.

If you've been missing it, the creativity of the rehearsal room. Come join me.

I know so many eager young hungry artists who launched into an industry on hold. You do not have to be stuck. Come to rehearsal, refocus your flow, refresh your connection to your passion.

For me the best part of the actor's life (Hi Diddly Dee) was being in rehearsal. Sure the performance is incredible, and auditions are a grind and where we devote the most time between jobs. But the rehearsal studio is where the magic happens. It's where collaboration and creation are front and center, rough and immediate, and in the best of times it sits just beyond the grasp and gaze of the judgment of the industry.

In recent years, dedication and a dose of good fortune has allowed me to continue to work in rehearsal rooms (now in the role of coach) and to reflect back to actors what I witness as they progress, through the lens of Alexander Technique. Working from a sensory relationship to self, actors find more physical and vocal freedom and a deeper personal connection to their work. Often feeling both more grounded and more energized through a rehearsal process. The more we strive to succeed and push to be noticed and book the job, the more we get away from working from a place of exploration, curiosity and delight. Come to rehearsal. Just because we're not sure what the other side whole horrible year looks like yet, how are you sustaining yourself while waiting? How do you keep your own fire burning in stasis. Come to rehearsal. No matter what you're working on Alexander will help you approach it with fresh eyes, and renewed perspective. Creating work with a group? Let's create a rehearsal room for your ensemble. Reasonable rates, by the hour or the project, collaboration is essential for theater artists and performers. If you've been missing it as I have, reach out and let's make something happen.

Or keep in touch for updates as they evolve.

And in the meanwhile, take a moment for yourself.

Photo by Serge Le Strat on Unsplash

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