Individual Lessons

In a traditional lesson, I work with you individually, whether in person or online, to help guide awareness toward habit patterns that limit freedom of movement, stability and breath. Using basic every day activities you will learn to gently re-balance your whole system into overall coordination through sensory awareness and spatial intention. 


Lessons are by design, non-invasive, non-judgmental, and are tailored to the needs or concerns of the individual. 

Group Classes

Wednesday - 1pm

weekly on Zoom  


45 minutes

Pay What You Can until further notice

** guided lie down/ constructive rest

an interactive, experiential, lesson in decompression and


** strategies for: 
stress reduction, respiratory health, improving balance, mobility and overall wellness.


* Singer's Intensive - MFA Opera, UT School of Music

"the best thing I learned was to give myself some time during the day... to allow more and to force less."

"all this non-work has made my singing voice stronger yet easier.  Warming up takes half the time it used to"

"I feel less frazzled, more focused, and less pressure when I do Alexander"

"using AT not only makes us feel better but makes a difference in our sound"

* Introduction to AT - Episcopal Actors Guild, NYC 

After many years of Alexander... there was not one moment that I felt like I was hearing something verbatim from a text book, you taught the basics with such energy that it felt like I was greeting old friends but also finding new ways to understand. The online aspect did not take away from the experience, in fact it was empowering to know that I am able to connect with a group and myself in this fashion.

- C. Addicott  

Again, thank you so much for a wonderful class.  I have a sense of awareness about my body and how to release all that I am holding onto.  And to be gentle!!  I really needed your class and am so grateful!!  

- K. Lehman Foster

Conscious Coordination

The Alexander Technique with Erin O'Leary

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