Group Classes

Individual Lessons

Private lessons provide the most direct and effective kinesthetic experience.  Students learn how to reduce excess tension and improve dynamic support.

Contact me for a consultation to discuss a lesson plan based on your unique needs or interests. 

Individual (45 min) - $90

Duos (60 min) - $120

Actor coaching (60 min) - $120

PWYC*- Pay What You Can 
(as available)




weekly Zoom in 60 min- PWYC* until further notice

** guided lie down/ constructive rest

an interactive, experiential, lesson in decompression and recalibration

** strategies for 

stress reduction, respiratory health, improving balance, mobility and overall wellness.


Student Feedback: Opera Intensive

"the best thing I learned was to give myself some time during the day... to allow more and to force less."

"all this non-work has made my singing voice stronger yet easier.  Warming up takes half the time it used to"

"I feel less frazzled, more focused, and less pressure when I do Alexander"

"using AT not only makes us feel better but makes a difference in our sound"

Conscious Coordination

The Alexander Technique with Erin O'Leary

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