Private Lessons

In private lessons, whether in person or online, I guide your awareness toward physical habit patterns that limit freedom of movement, stability and breathing.  

Using basic every day activities you will learn to gently re-balance your whole system into overall coordination through sensory awareness and spatial intention.    

Lessons are by design, non-invasive, non-judgmental, and are tailored to meet your interests.  Many students find they feel better overall, more grounded and more focused. 


Drop-In & Tune-Up


Pay What You Can - until further notice

** guided constructive rest an interactive, experiential, lesson in restorative rebalance

** strategies for: 
stress reduction, respiratory health, improving balance, mobility and overall wellness.

** work alone, at home, at your own pace

** all welcome, no experience necessary

** come as you are; take a moment for yourself

Rehearsal Rooms - Summer 2021
Solo  -  in Partners  -   with an Ensemble

bring AT to your rehearsals online

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