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Alexander Technique helped refine my skill as a performer while strengthening my back and reducing chronic pain. 


I was introduced to the practice while earning an MFA in acting. For too many years, I had struggled with both upper and lower back pain while trying to navigate the demands of the life of an NYC actor and spending much of my free time seeking answers and relief.


As an actor- auditioning, rehearsal, and performance completely changed. Alexander helped me manage stage fright, got me out of my head and into my body, deepened a personal connection to characters, and improved my vocal resonance. 


For my back- Alexander Technique helped me better understand how my habits were hurting me and how to make effective changes. I no longer live with chronic pain and can now prevent minor stresses from becoming worse. 


For my whole self- I feel extraordinarily fortunate to have learned how to take care of myself through this practice.  I decided to certify to teach the Alexander Technique because I deeply believe in its transformative and rehabilitative potential.  It is so rewarding to share with my students and help them learn how to restore balance.  

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Student feedback

I have been working with Erin for almost a year. She has a great energy, a collaborative spirit, and an easy way about her technique. She has studied with masters and it shows. She has been invaluable to me as I have made the transition from school to life after. She has helped me maintain my daily practice in a time of incredible change. She's been a life saver.

-- Stuart M., actor

I love working with Erin, she is a gifted Alexander teacher and acting coach. Her approach to the work is so refreshing because the basis is an awareness of one's own body. When she listens with her hands-- she allows me to become aware of what is going on with my body. It's really an incredible experience getting to study with her! Also, I think she's probably a witch. But, like the good kind. Obviously.

-- Lindsay N, actor


After just one lesson with Erin, the effects stayed with me for weeks! My whole body felt more open and balanced, and I was very conscious of the way I was sitting in chairs. It was uncanny.  I will definitely seek out more lessons from Erin!

--Juliana H., librarian


Within a couple of weeks of working with Erin I was feeling better, walking taller, and felt increased confidence. More than that, she inspired me to continue my study after she left town, which is always the sign of a great teacher.

-- Edoardo B., actor

I loved our lessons! I went in not really knowing what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised...  I connected with it completely, mind and body. I would leave feeling happier, lighter, like walking just became so much easier. It was a fantastic experience!

-- Maddy K., singer





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The Alexander Technique with Erin O'Leary

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